Very seriously!!!


I understand everything, of course, but why is there such a bias towards solo players or people not close to the Administrator? At that start, all the testers or close friends of the Administrator played almost all of them on destras, they understand that destras can destroy onions and asked the admin on this wipe to cut it up opizdeniya and now destr is just urine, since these testers themselves or the Administrator’s close brothers decided to sit on the bows, they needed to remove competitors so that they would not be disturbed and this class was forgotten, I ask you to solve this problem as soon as possible, I have already played 3 wipes and I throw 50k+ into the game every wipe, I want to get high and play on the deck and not sit for a week with a burned out ass! It’s not even possible to do a tent def, 10 kills while defending an outpost because there are mostly magicians or bows, you jump into the character against him under a spell and you can’t kill him, he kites away from you and even if you killed him, it doesn’t protect you! I also wanted to add how I can play on destra when I hit a magician with 1600 in a major set, when in IR 6 a bow hits me with 6-8k, this is how to understand, and another nuance why the fight set is sharpened 4 parts by 6, and The IR set is sharpened 5 parts to 6, it takes a lot more adena and nerves, and when I sharpened it they told me that I could sharpen the fight set to 6, then change it to IR and it was all with 5 parts 6, too, not fair!