Classic GvE Partner Program


Команда форума
Classic GvE Partner Program

You can help the server by inviting other players to our server and receive rewards for this.

More about the program:

A new section has appeared in the personal account - "Partners"

In this section:
1.Your referral link.
2. Statistics of transitions and registrations.
3. Referral balance.
4. Withdrawal of funds / exchange for coupons.
5. Referral characters


How the referral link works:

1. After clicking on the referral link, the players who clicked on it are assigned to you for several days, if during this period they register accounts on the Classic GvE server, these accounts are automatically assigned to you forever.
2. The referral link does not work for players who are already registered on our project.
3. It is forbidden to publish a referral link on our website, forum and discord, new players who come from paid advertising are the players on whom we spent the time and money of the project.


1. 10% from the donations of each player whom you invited, this does not apply once for one start, but forever.
This way you can get a good reward (it can be 100, 300 and 500$ of real money each start), and you will also help the project by increasing online on the server.
Invite your friends, clans that play L2 and even when you stop inviting, you will passively, every start, receive rewards from your referrals.

2. Get 500 referral coins if the player you invited hits 500 (100 coins), 1000 (200 coins) and 2000 PvP (200 coins), you get these coins for each player who scored PvP, help your referrals get used to Classic GvE and get rewarded for it.

3. In the future, it is possible to increase the referral %.


You have access to the statistics of transitions and registrations, as well as the active characters of your referrals, so that you can see how many of your referrals are playing at each start, you can keep in touch with them and help them. (only main characters with PvP counter are visible)

What to buy with referral coins?

The game has a referral store in which some functions of the donate store are available.

A lot of notifications and system protections have been installed, for any attempt to circumvent or abuse the system by already registered players, there will be a ban and deprivation of all referrals.
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