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FAQ - Answers to basic problems.

Problems logging into the game:
For a stable game on our server, you must download the client and patch from our website - https://classic-gve.ru/start.
Third-party client with our patch will not work.

- When launching the game through the system - Writes an error Cannot run this local.

1. open the Control Panel (Start->Control Panel).
2. In the control panel open "language and regional standards".
3. In the tab "additionally" select Russian language for programs that do not support Unicode.
4. save your changes by clicking the ok button.
Solutions in YouTube:

-When you start the game the Active Anticheat logo opens, the game closes, there is no critical error.
Solution: You need to disable screens or real-time protection in your antivirus.

*]1) Windows --->"printing security" select the security option -->Virus protection -->On the right is the item "Manage settings" ---> Scroll down and select Exceptions "Add or remove" --> Add all directory l2 (folder) 2) Antivirus ---> "Manage settings" ---> Real-time protection "DISABLE" 3) Run L2 as administrator.

- When you start the game the Active Anticheat logo opens, the game closes, there is a critical error.

Solution: Check if you installed our patch correctly.
Check whether your antivirus deleted any client or patch files.
(check the main folders - animations, maps, staticmeshes, system-gve, systextures, textures, so that all the files were there)

Check the drivers on your computer.
(if you go to other projects chronicle classic and above, then you are fine)

Problems with registering your personal account:

- Do I have to create a game account after registering my personal cabinet?
No, when you create a personal account with this login and password you can already log in to the game.

-How many game accounts can I create in my personal cabinet?
You can create up to 4 game accounts in one Private Office.

- How many windows are allowed to play on your server?
At the moment 4.

- Is it necessary to transfer the Endowment Currency (coupons) from myAlpari to the character?
No, you do not need to do this, you can buy in the game (Donate Manager), everything you're interested in automatically, without extra steps.

- How to activate the Bonus Code?
The code is activated in myAlpari, the reward must be picked up in the game, the npc Bonus Start
1.Go to the Personal Cabinet - https://classic-gve.ru/index/login

2.Activate Bonus Codes in the Bonus tab. 1681839097173.png
3.Take bonuses in the game from the npc Bonus Manager.

- Will I be able to play with the Interlude client on your server?
No, you can play only with our client.

- Where can I see what's in donat store?
You can see our price list at the link - https://classic-gve.ru/donate

If this topic could not solve your problem, you can always
Write to us in the forum, in our group or in Diskord.

In the shortest time we will try to answer you and help!
We will try to answer and help you as soon as possible!

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