Update: New reward system for Raid and Epic Bosses.


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The "gve" concept implies a faction game, but the old raid system was not like that, so it was decided to change it.
In our opinion, the new system levels up solo and clan players within the faction and will give an incentive to visit RB / EB not only for strong clans with their own farmers.

Now every player who participates in the battle for Raid and Epic Bosses can receive a reward.

New reward system for Raid and Epic Bosses:

Removed the "flag" state (pink nickname) when hitting the Raid Boss.
(Players are no longer flagged against Raid Bosses)

Removed all drops from all Raids and Epic Bosses.

For killing the Raid Boss, each player in the battle zone gets points:
Raid Points: Посмотреть вложение 2775 Epic Points: Посмотреть вложение 2776

Distribution of points:

100 RP (EP) points are allocated for killing a Boss, the distribution of points is based on the damage of the entire faction for the Raid and Epic Boss.

1% faction damage = 1 point.

You can get a maximum of 70 points for killing a boss, a minimum of 30 points.

If you got 30.51%, then 31 points are given, 69 points for the opposite faction.

After killing the boss, you will receive points in the form of items in your inventory:

All players who are in a clan receive from 1 to 2 blood crystals Посмотреть вложение 2781 .

HP of all Raid Bosses has been increased several times.

A new system of teleports to Raid Bosses through an invitation (event window) has been implemented, now the teleport points will be different.

Previously, everyone was teleported to 1 point to the Raid Boss spawn, which gave an advantage to the faction with a lot of AOE damage.

A new store for Raid Points and Epic Points has been implemented.
Посмотреть вложение 2785 Посмотреть вложение 2787
Посмотреть вложение 2788 Посмотреть вложение 2789

Epic jewelry can now be bought in 2 ways, both for adena from Pona and for epic points from Laura, this will be very useful especially for beginners who will not seek to collect them on the Epic stone, but will buy epic jewelry for themselves for points.

We will have much more advertising not only for our time zones, but also for countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, etc. (South America), so now all Raid Bosses will be distributed throughout the day, but the concentration will still be more in the evening, Moscow time.

Raid Bosses Schedule:

05: 30-08: 00 Nasu no Yoichi

10: 00-11: 30 Genie

12: 00-14: 30 Kutus

15: 00-16: 30 Pallant

17: 00-18: 30 Groot

20: 00-20: 45 Draug

00: 00-01: 00 En Sabah Nur

01: 30-04: 00 Alfred Von Hellmann